ZURBphotos is a collection of digital photos taken by me, Bryan Zmijewski. Digital photography is the future of web publishing. Instant proofing in the field, saving money in film, and quickly publishing photos to the web all make digital photography a thrilling experience. The learning process is fast and it forces you to try new things.

Most of the photographs were taken with the Sony Cybershot DCS-S30 (though I just acquired the Sony Cybershot DCS-S85, so look for more from this great camera). Some processing has been done in Photoshop, but I have tried to keep the original vision captured with the camera. The file sizes have been reduced and the color optimized due to the output of the camera.

When publishing to the web one has to make choices. I have tried to keep the photos large enough (640x480 pixels, about 50kb) so that they are fully enjoyable, but small enough that I do not completely lose the 56k surfing crowd. Learn more at zurb.com.